Advanced Rapid Prototyping services

Vexos provides state of the art rapid prototyping services focused on providing quick turn circuit assembly assisting customers with their requirements from receipt of materials through to delivery of your prototype assemblies.


Our rapid prototyping services enables quick design feedback for your product, enabling rapid design cycles leading to full production capabilities sooner.


While your competition is waiting for their prototypes, you can be on your way to market with your finished product.


Contact us for more information about our rapid prototyping services to help you launch your next product to the market quickly.


  • Orders as few as one board

  • Standard inventories of resistors and capacitors

  • Service option of three-, five- and seven-day deliveries conditional on materials kit clear status

  • No-clean and DI water wash when requested

  • Board finishes such as OSP, Sn, ENIG and ENEPIG

  • Board types such as FR-4 multi-layer, FR-4 rigid, flex circuit, rigid flex, polyimide, microwave and hybrids

  • Lead-free and leaded options