Advanced Engineering Services

Design For Excellence (DFX)

Product Optimization

Through Early Stage Customer Engagement

VEXOS' early involvement in the design cycle can provide customers with a product that is more cost effective and has increased manufacturability, quality and reliability through its entire lifecycle. During our involvement in design reviews, we’ll focus on key areas throughout the cycle and provide critical feedback to address potential issues and ensure a successful new product introduction. Design reviews can also be categorized by material (Design for Supply Chain), test (Design for Testability), PCB fabrication (Design for Fabrication), assembly (Design for Assembly) and manufacturing (Design for Manufacturing).

Value Engineering Services

Providing Technology, Flexibility, Velocity, and Experience for Your New Product Introduction

VEXOS' value engineering services enable customers to optimize product manufacturability and quality performance. We focus on every aspect of design and manufacturing processes, assessing all impacts on cost, function, schedule and overall requirements. We work with our customers to find appropriate opportunities for cost reduction. We examine every element that contributes to the value and performance of a product.

Benefits Of Performing DFX

  • Reduced lead time and material costs (DFSC)
  • Improved PCB yield and cost (DFF)
  • Improved assembly yield and reduced labor content (DFA)
  • Improved coverage and final yield, reduced RMA and field failures (DFT)
  • Improved production stability and predictability (DFM)
  • Continuous improvement (post-DFM, ROI)

Design for Fabrication (DFF):

  • Focuses on PCB fabrication design and related cost drivers

Design for Assembly (DFA):

  • Focuses on PCB fabrication design and related cost drivers

Other engineering services as appropriate:

  • ECO upgrade, reliability testing, FAI, failure analysis, DOE

Design for Supply Chain (DFSC):

  • Focuses on material sourcing, AML, compliancy, supply and lifecycle
  • Component Engineering and AVL optimization
  • BOM Analysis and component life cycle management

Design for Manufacturing (DFM):

  • Focuses on manufacturing process and test and related cost drivers
  • Pre- and Post-DFM Reviews, Post-Build Reports

​​Design for Test (DFT) and ROI:

  • Focuses on test access, coverage, and related test plan and development.​

ICT Development and Finite Element Analysis (FEA):

  • Services test plan and development for PCBA testing

Functional Test Development and Design

How Our Customers Benefit From Value Engineering

VEXOS' full suite of Value Analysis and Value Engineering services is aimed at design optimization and cost reduction. VEXOS works collaboratively with customers to identify, prioritize and implement opportunities for cost reduction and product quality enhancements every step of the way. Design reviews can uncover valuable opportunities in manufacturing efficiencies,  whether it’s related to new component and layout applications, new technologies, or functional enhancements.

How We Get Your Product to Market Fast!

We work concurrently with our customers to develop future product plans and effective manufacturing strategies. Where it makes sense, VEXOS' global footprint can provide a proven migration path to low-cost manufacturing solutions at our facilities in Asia.