New Product Introduction Solutions

Fundamentally, the new product introduction (NPI) process is complex. A new product can contain hundreds to thousands of new parts, each of which may involve unique design, specifications, development and other specialized requirements.

VEXOS realizes that a successful new product introduction demands that integration of the product design and the design processes align seamlessly with your product launch and manufacturing strategy. Our NPI process helps customers launch complex products by providing extensive manufacturing, test and engineering expertise.

At VEXOS, we ensure our customers get a quick turn on their PCB assembly services and provide both scalability for volume manufacturing, as well as the flexibility to respond to your needs — meeting your quality, delivery and price requirements.

Contact us for more information about our NPI services to help you launch your next product to the market.

Complete End-to-End NPI Services

  • DFM (design for manufacturability)
  • DFT (design for testability)
  • BOM review
    • Risk analysis
    • Lead-time analysis
    • Availability analysis
  • Test development and implementation
    • Test strategy/plan
    • Flying probe (FP)
    • In-circuit test (ICT)
    • Functional test
    • Boundary scan
    • Customer supplied equipment
  • PPAP (production part approval process)
  • PFMEA (process failure modes and effects analysis)

Proven NPI & Transfer Process

When you partner with VEXOS, you will receive the benefits of experience with launching new products by leveraging our learned best practices, knowledgeable resources and unique global footprint. VEXOS’ proven NPI process helps OEMs launch complex products by providing quality manufacturing and superior engineering services, as well as flexible NPI program management methods and worldwide logistics.


Seamless Prototype To Volume Solutions

VEXOS VELOCITY is a full-solution, rapid prototyping service available to our global customers. VEXOS VELOCITY adds competitive value to customers by providing complete prototyping, design support, value engineering services (DFx), build and testing services all offered under VEXOS, resulting in unmatched speed-to market support with reduced go-to-market risk.

  • Electrical Design Services - with an Ecosystem of Partners (ID | Reliability | Test)
  • Rapid PCB & PCBA Prototype
  • Full Suite Of Value Engineering Services (DFX)
  • Integrated & Coordinated Technology & Components Solutions
  • Rapid Prototype, NPI, Regional Production & Global Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

We have over 30 years of experience building highly complex assemblies…fast! The trademark of our business is our structured “Flexibility” launch processes, which allow us to manage your project according to ISO standards. dynamically providing the necessary feedback to your engineers that will validate, reduce cost and simplify future production of your design.

Our Prototype Assembly Process Provides:

  • Utilizing the latest equipment such as high-end flex placement machines, the highest quality optical inspection equipment, gold series paste printing cameras and the latest in selective soldering machines.
  • Process controls from component kit check-in to final inspection methods.
  • Highest level of technical service, from the time you send us your files through the delivery of your finished assemblies
  • Effective communication and project management throughout your entire project with VEXOS and our Rapid Proto Team
  • Focus on Quality and On-Time Delivery
  • Quote Delivery: 24-48 hours Upon Completion of Information
  • DFX Analyses Performed In Parallel With Rapid Prototyping
  • NPI And/Or Production Planning If Requested

Advanced Rapid Prototyping Process


Our Standard Build Times

  • PROTOTYPE: 5 - 15 DAYS
  • NPI: 10-15 DAYS
  • MEDIUM-to-LOW Complexity
  • Volumes/Production: 2-3 WEEKS


  • Order any amount, starting from just one board
  • Standard inventories of resistors and capacitors
  • No-clean and DI water wash when requested
  • Board finishes such as OSP, Sn, ENIG and ENEPIG
  • Board types such as FR-4 multi-layer, FR-4 rigid, flex circuit, rigid flex, polyimide, microwave and hybrids
  • Lead-free and leaded options

VEXOS Benefits

  • Full DFX Feedback
  • DFM, DFA, DFF, DFSC Feedback
  • Accelerated NPI Process
  • Accelerated Productization Process
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • DFT Strategy
  • Faster Time To Market
  • Seamless / Transparent Transition From Concept To Production

Building Products For Success

Design Services - Prototyping Support

If you need assistance with design schematics, VEXOS can help you with this critical first step. Our expert consulting Design Engineers (available based on your project’s requirements) will collaborate with your Engineers to create schematics and PCB layouts (including Gerber files and BOM) to your specifications — incorporating DFM/DFA/DFT principles throughout the process.

Engineering Services - Value Engineering (DFX) & Feedback

With over 30 years of electronic manufacturing experience, VEXOS is acutely aware of the impact a well-designed PCBA can have on the near- and long-term costs associated with the building and testing of your PCBA, as well as your final product’s speed to market. Our Design for Excellence (DFx) review process provides DFSC/DFF/DFA/DFT/DFM improvement recommendations to your Engineering team throughout the entire “concept to completion” process.

  • Perform a forensic BOM review analysis which focuses on material sourcing, AML, compliance, supply and lifecycle as part of the Design for Supply Chain (DFSC) process
  • Improved PCB yield and cost with Design for Fabrication (DFF) reviews
  • Improved Assembly yield and reduced labor content with Design for Assembly (DFA)
  • Improved Coverage and Final yield, reduced RMA and field failures with Design for Test (DFT)
  • Reduced engineering development and resources, improved time to market (Test Development)
  • Improved Production Stability and Predictability with Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Continuous Improvement (Post-DFM, ROI)

For more information about Advanced Rapid Prototyping please download our brochure.