Clean Room Manufacturing for Opto-Mechanical Assemblies


Clean room manufacturing capability is a requirement for assembly of electronic and mechanical optical viewing/measurement components. Cleanliness is a requirement where assembly of critical components such as lens assemblies and electromechanical interfaces such as surface capacitive touchscreens in a clean environment are crucial to proper functionality. Airborne particles present on lens that measure in pixels will affect the quality of the viewed picture, as well as touch sensitivity on touchscreen assemblies.

The customer designed a product that had a complex design assembly requirement of 2 critical components for Tablet Assembly – LCD Touchscreen and 2MP Camera Lens Module assembly. The LCD Touchscreen is integrated into the mechanical housing for the tablet. The 2MP Camera Lens Module is assembled to the board.

Program Highlights

A clean room, class 1000 was installed to incorporate the appropriate controls for component handling, cleanliness protocols (personnel, space, components, fixturing and instrumentation), particle detection, humidity controls, ESD protection and assembly, using laminar flow workstations.


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