Vexos to Manufacture and Deliver the MVM Ventilator to the Government of Canada

May XX, 2020

Vexos to Manufacture and Deliver the MVM Ventilator to the Government of Canada in Support of COVID-19 Pandemic

TORONTO, May. XX, 2020 (PR NEWSWIRE) – VEXOS Inc., an award-winning global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, today signed an agreement with the Government of Canada to manufacture and distribute 10,000 Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM) units for hospitals and emergency facilities across Canada in support of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The Government of Canada’s support for companies producing critical medical supplies will enable Vexos to manufacture and deliver these much-needed ventilators that will assist in the treatment of patients affected by the COVID-19 virus. The Canadian government has initially requested 2,000 units to be built immediately and delivered to a government-controlled distribution center ready to deploy across Canada. These units will be the first order placed through the Markham manufacturing facility and Vexos is committed to delivering these units by the end of June.


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Vexos will build the MVM Ventilator under an exclusive license agreement with Elemaster Group for the Americas (North, Central, and South America). In order to support the demand of the MVM Ventilators, Vexos has formed a special task force of key team members from engineering, quality, supply chain and manufacturing groups at their ISO 13485:2016 (Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices) accredited facility in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Since March, Vexos has been preparing extra manufacturing capacity and an increased supply chain pipeline for components and materials to meet the demand for MVM Ventilators. “We are honored to be manufacturing the MVM Ventilators to support Canadians and our healthcare system in the efforts to fight COVID-19” said Wayne Hawkins, SVP & General Manager for Vexos Markham.


The MVM Ventilator is an innovative pressure-regulated mechanical ventilator for intensive care units. This simple but powerful ventilator is designed to address the specific needs of the care and recovery of severely affected COVID-19 patients. The MVM Ventilator was approved by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on May 1, 2020. Health Canada is expected to authorize the MVM Ventilator under the provisions of the Interim Order respecting the importation and sale of medical devices for use in relation to COVID-19. Health Canada approval will allow for the manufacture and sale of the ventilators in Canada by Vexos. 


The MVM Ventilator Collaboration group originated with an international consortium of Italian, US, and Canadian physicists, engineers, and companies in early March 2020 working collaboratively across the globe to bring the MVM Ventilator from project initiation to FDA approval in a span of 6 weeks. Achieving this result in such a short time was made possible thanks to the cooperation of laboratories, institutes, universities, and companies mainly across Italy, Canada, and the United States, maximizing the benefits that come from sharing skills and resources.


One of the Canadian members of this international consortium is Queen’s University Professor Emeritus, Dr. Art McDonald, a co-recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics. He is leading the Canadian arm of the MVM project, which includes particle and nuclear physics laboratories, SNOLAB, TRIUMF, and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. Quote: Dr. Art McDonald


Along with Dr. McDonald, Vexos is also working closely with JMP Solutions, a London, Ontario company that specializes in industrial technologies like robotics, control systems, and automation. JMP Solution will be instrumental in the manufacturing and build of the mechanical assembly of the units, which will be built and shipped from their respective locations to the Vexos manufacturing facility in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Quote: Scott Shawyer


Vexos is committed to working with the Canadian government to do its part in supporting Canadians across the country affected during this pandemic. 




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