Vexos Partners with an International Consortium Group of expertise to Manufactur

April XX, 2020


Vexos Partners with an International Consortium Group of expertise to Manufacture Ventilators in Support of COVID-19 Pandemic Response

TORONTO, April. XX, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VEXOS Inc., an award-winning global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, today announced a partnership with an international consortium group of global experts made up of Italian, US and Canadian physicists, engineers and companies to help manufacture and distribute as many as 30,000 new Ventilators, called Mechanical Ventilator Milano (MVM) to hospitals and emergency facilities across Canada and the United States of America in Support of COVID-19 Pandemic Response. 


The Canadian and US Governments recently announced support for manufacturing companies producing critical medical supplies; such support enables Vexos to do its part to assist in the management of hospital patients impacted by the COVID-19 virus. 


“During these challenging times, it’s important that everyone contributes where they can to assist their community. Vexos is committed to helping COVID-19 patients during these unprecedented times,” said Paul Jona, CEO & President of Vexos. “we typically specialize in high mix low volume complex products for medical and other markets; however, Ventilators are not our usual area of focus, and we recognize that there may be some challenges with sourcing complex components. However, we are incredibly motivated and honoured to be asked to participate in this global initiative. Given our extensive manufacturing capabilities, Supply Chain Management solutions and Engineering expertise in both our Markham, Ontario and LaGrange, Ohio facilities, we are well-positioned to provide these much-needed Ventilators to medical facilities across Canada and the United States.”


The MVM initiative originated in the international research project, The Global Argon Dark Matter Collaboration (GADM), which supports researchers looking for dark matter, an invisible component of the Universe. This research includes experience with gas handling systems and complex control systems – the same capabilities required in hospital ventilators. 


While in lockdown for the COVID-19 virus in Milan, Italy, Cristiano Galbiati, the spokesperson for the GADM Collaboration, recognized the need for additional ventilators early in the pandemic and received government permission to develop the first prototype at the SAPIO Life s.r.l. Ventilator repair and support center in Vaprio d’Adda, near Bergamo.

Vexos was initially approached by Elemaster Group, an Italian Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) firm that is working closely with the MVM Collaboration in finalizing the design, Industrialization and certification of the Ventilator. “We recognized the need to establish an experienced partner who have strong manufacturing capabilities in the medical sector, a global footprint to support the needs of both the Canadian and US regulatory requirements and a partner that would move heaven and earth to deliver a quality medical device,” said xxxxxxxxx.    

Among this international consortium group is Queen’s Professor Emeritus, Dr. Art McDonald was a co-recipient of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery that neutrinos, essential building blocks of the Universe, have mass. He is partnering with the nation’s leading particle and nuclear physics laboratories, SNOLAB, TRIUMF and Canadian National Laboratories, to lead the Canadian arm of the Mechanical Ventilator Milano project.


Along with Dr. McDonald Vexos is also working closely with JMP Solutions, a London, Ontario company that specializes in industrial technologies like robotics, control systems, and automation. JMP Solution will be instrumental in the manufacturing and build of the mechanical assembly of the units, which will be built and shipped from their respective facilities to both Vexos locations in Canada and the US.


Vexos will be utilizing both their Markham, Ontario and LaGrange, Ohio facilities to support the demand of these Ventilators; both facilities are ISO:13458 certified and hold the necessary regulatory requirements to build and distribute the Ventilator units. “We have assembled a special Vexos task force team which is made up of key members from our quality, engineering, procurement, supply chain and operations to manage and oversee this project across both sites,” said Wayne Hawkins, Sr VP and General Manager for Vexos Markham. 


Vexos recently completed the implementation of a world-class fully automated storage system that will enable faster materials movement, materials accuracy and reconciliation, needed to support high mix, low volume, and rapid changeovers. This new system provides a complete, comprehensive solution including automated kitting, material tracking/reconciliation, and pick and put away automation. This new automated (semi-automated in LaGrange) material modernization system has significantly improved operational efficiencies with material management, enabling tighter integration with the surface mount assembly lines and associated processes. 


“The COVID-19 virus presents us all with an unprecedented human challenge, and it requires an extraordinary response,” said Brad Koury, General Manager of Vexos LaGrange. “We are all extremely proud to be associated with this project, and our fully committed team are working around the clock to support the manufacturing and delivery of these much-needed ventilators across the US.”


The MVM ventilator design is currently in the process of being authorized for use by the FDA under the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) provisions currently in effect in the United States. FDA authorization will allow the ventilators to the manufactured by Vexos and sold in the United States under the EAU.


The FDA authorization, once complete, will be used to facilitate Health Canada authorization under the provisions of the Interim order respecting the importation and sale of medical devices for use in relation to COVID-19. Health Canada approval will allow for the manufacture and sale of the ventilators in Canada by Vexos 


The Canadian government have initially requested 10,000 units immediately to be built and delivered to a controlled distribution center ready to deploy across Canada. These units with be the first order placed through the Markham manufacturing facility and Vexos is committed to delivering these units by end of May-early June. In parallel with the Markham location, Vexos LaGrange is working with the US Airforce who has been governed by the US Department of Health on facilitating the order of these Ventilators for US hospitals and emergency facilities. The US Airforce has requested 15,000 units immediately with an additional 10,000 to be built out of the LaGrange facility. These units will be distributed directly to medical facilities across the US.


About VEXOS Inc., Vexos, is an award-winning global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Custom Material Solutions (CMS) company, providing complete end-to-end supply chain management solutions in electronic and mechanical products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and new emerging technology companies. 


Vexos services extend over the entire electronic product life cycle, from value engineering services for product development to prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI) through to the growth, maturity and end-of-life phases with a strong focus and commitment to quality and customer service satisfaction.  With manufacturing facilities in United States, Canada, China and Vietnam, Vexos can efficiently compete in today’s marketplace, primarily focus within Industrial, Automotive, Computing, Medical, Communications, Aviation/Defense market segments. 

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