Vexos Electronic Manufacturing Services

Vexos offers a wide range of EMS services including Prototyping NPI, PCB assembly, system level build, test development, as well as complete logistics and repair solutions


Vexos also provides custom material solutions such as PCBs, metal solutions, and electro-mechanical components.


In addition, Vexos facilities are continuously promoting an organizational culture where operational excellence and a strong commitment to quality is entrenched in all facets of the business.

Our Value Proposition and Commitment:

  • Executive Management Leadership: Single source accountability and management - Vexos structure eliminates bureaucracy - giving you reach to all decision makers.

  • Values Driven Company with a Global Footprint: 25+ years experience in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) capabilities with regional complex manufacturing capability, and global, low-cost country option to deliver lowest landed cost of goods

  • Customer-Centric Culture: Dedicated cross-functional customer focused teams with an emphasis on strong, long-term customer relationships

  • Flexibility & Responsiveness:  Customized deployment of our capabilities to enable and accelerate customers opportunities with a 24/7 service and approach

  • Engineering & Quality: In-depth knowledge and skills specializing in delivering quality products with a strong focus on value engineering expertise to drive and deliver cost-reduction.

  • Custom Material Services: Expert Material Strategic Partners across all Vexos manufacturing facilities

  • Global Supply Chain Management & Logistics: Complete supply chain solutions provider with Domestic Logistic & Warehousing – Kanban offerings


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