Silicon Keypads & Parts

From small runs of compression molded silicone to large production runs, Vexos experienced team will assist you with the right materials for your product - from simple single button keypads to complex multi-colored, multi-key keypads. Low and high durometer materials that can meet the most demanding requirements, high and low service temperatures, various tactile actuation forces, as well as thin and thick wall cross-sectional areas.


Tooling capabilities include single cavity prototype to complex multi-cavity compression molds that produce parts requiring no post-mold deflashing, saving our customers money.


  • Multiple colors and phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark)

  • Low to high durometer materials

  • Laser etch and silk-screen graphics

  • Wide range of actuation and travel forces

  • Contact options: carbon pill, gold plated and stainless steel

  • Plastic keycap-to-silicone covers

  • Polycarbonate film

  • Protective coatings: clear, gloss, matte and epoxy coatings, as well as metal and EM

  • Prototype and production tooling design

Membrane Switches, Touch Screens, Injection Molded Plastics, Silicone Keypads

Dependable Quality

We achieve the highest quality levels by utilizing the latest equipment, processes, quality standards and certifications throughout our organization.

We have instituted a problem prevention methodology at Vexos that allows us to flawlessly launch and sustain your project:


  • Rigorous selection of sub-contractors or partner factories

  • Performance evaluation and monitoring through regular audits of the factories

  • Continuous training for personnel at all levels

  • Document control to safeguard your data and release of technical documents

  • Sample approval process including production part approval process (PPAP)