Electronic Manufacturing Services for the RF / GPS Industry

As the RF/GPS/satellite industry moves towards commoditization, the need to maintain market recognition through rapid product introductions, shorter product lifecycles, coupled with technology advancement at lower cost leaves the OEM with significant challenges in maintaining competitive advantage while maintaining a positive bottom line. Vexos’ experience in RF/GPS/satellite supply chain solutions enable our customers to maintain their competitive advantage.


The need to have an EMS partner that understands the market dynamics and adds value is a competitive advantage. Vexos understands this and has the systems and solutions to provide the right level of support to enable our customers to leverage their global competitive advantage without compromising product lifecycles and the product supply chain.


Portfolio of Customer Products
  • Passive/active asset tracking systems (RFID)

  • Livestock tracking systems

  • Mobile data terminals (GPS, L-Band Rx/Tx, GPRS, GMS)

  • Power monitoring systems (WiFi, ZigBee, radio)

  • Energy controls (ZigBee, WiFi, radio)

  • Geofencing/geotracking applications

  • SatNav systems

  • Telematics systems 


Our production facilities meet strict quality standards and are certified to industry certifications including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

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Test & Technologies

Vexos understands the individual needs of RF and can help develop test strategies and functional test systems as well as troubleshoot to the component level. Our global facilities offer a seamless gateway process for higher volume transitions requiring a low cost region solution.



  • RFID

  • GPS

  • L-Band Rx/Tx

  • GPRS

  • GSM

  • Bluetooth

  • WiFi, ZigBee, radio                 

  • Other proprietary protocols



  • Basic functionality verification

  • Stimulus/response testing (signal generator/network analyzer)

  • Tx/Rx signal strength measurements

  • Over the air network validation (including mobile and satellite link verification)



Due to the modular technologies used in most products today, Vexos utilizes the most economical approach to functional testing.

  • Reference comparison verification

  • GPS products to be a reference comparison verification