Printed Circuit Board Repair Services

Vexos has the unique technical knowledge, capabilities and advanced equipment to evaluate, upgrade, repair and test your complex electronic circuit board assemblies.  Increase the longevity and life cycle of your products through our ability to re-evaluate their performance level.  Upgrade to the latest hardware or software necessary to keep up with engineering changes and to keep your products competitive in the marketplace.  Reduce the cost of instituting engineering change orders by allowing Vexos to provide a cost analysis of repair versus replacement.


Quality and Expertise

Our fully equipped facility has numerous surface mount, through hole and BGA rework systems operated by highly trained technical teams.  We can repair any type of electronic equipment, regardless of whether we originally manufactured the product.  Our reputation for providing quality repairs makes us a reliable partner to OEM’s, manufacturers and product companies around the world.


Test and Measurement

Vexos places a high priority on test and measurement to ensure that product reliability and performance is in accordance with your requirements. Our testing capabilities range from functional to flying probe to AOI/ICT and more.

Key Features and Capabilities


  • Re-evaluation

  • Upgrading

  • Repair

  • Rework

  • Modification

  • Testing

  • X-Ray

  • Pad & Track Repair / Solder Mask

  • Rework / Engineering Change Notices

  • Component Level Debug

  • Inspection / Verification

  • PCB Debug

  • BGA Reballing

  • Direct Component Print for Leadless Devices

  • Changing a PTH device using an individual desoldering tool or Solder Pot




Our quality equipment includes:

  • Optical projectors

  • X-Ray metal thickness measuring equipment

  • Flying Probe Tester

  • Universal electrical tester

  • Omega meter

  • AOI equipment

  • Micro-section equipment

  • Humidity chamber

  • Impedance tester

  • Contamination tester

  • Bonding machine

  • TDR equipment

  • Hi-pot test equipment

  • AA spectrum measurement

  • Capacitance meter

  • X-Ray fluorescence inspection equipment

  • Reflow oven

  • Auto E-tester

  • CMI 700 copper thickness tester

  • Peel strength tester

  • Gel-time tester

  • IST tester

  • RoHS XRF tester

  • DSC tester

PCB Repair | PCB Rework | PCB Inpect | PCB Test

The Power of a Strong Partner

  • Full-service EMS provider specializing in high-mix, low- to mid-volume programs

  • 25+ years of manufacturing experience

  • Exceptional quality assurance

  • Unique global footprint to match your manufacturing requirements

  • Flexibility to expand as your program grows

  • Superior supply chain and logistics management


We continue to invest in technologies to accelerate continuous improvement in processes and systems.

  • Temperature and humidity controlled factories for material stability in production

  • Dedicated lines and areas for both RoHS and non-RoHS production

  • Modern, high performance equipment including automated optical inspection, in-circuit testing and functional testing capabilities