April 27, 2016


Vexos Dongguan wins the Dongkeng Excellent Business Affairs Management Enterprise award for 2015




On January 11, 2016, the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Office of Dongkeng People’s Government announced that Vexos Dongguan was the recipient of Dongkeng Excellent Business Affairs Management Enterprise award for 2015 (商务工作管理优秀企业).  Recipients of this award must meet strict eligibility requirements which include: exceptional internal management with no employer / employee conflicts, a steady business operation in full alignment with legal requirements, and proper safety procedures are established and in place.  As well, the company must be creative and self-motivated; and have the potential to grow and remain competitive in the industry.


“It is an honor for us to be given the Excellent Business Affairs Management Enterprise Award for 2015.”  said Shawn Mokhtari, SVP & GM of Vexos Asia.  "With over 500 companies in Dongkeng, only 3% of the businesses have performed consistently well - it’s a really high standard."  Shawn continues, "The investments we make in our employees is returned in full as our team members turn their focus on customer satisfaction. “I’m extremely proud to lead a team with such a focus on quality, safety, and customer service levels; and we look forward to fostering this activity and holding onto this prestigious honor for many years to come."