Logistic Solutions and On-site Secure Warehouse Management

Program Highlights

The customer designs, manufactures and delivers a broad range of products to the global cable television industry and private video networks for the hospitality, healthcare, education, government, private cable, stadiums/arenas, as well as many additional industries. VEXOS was approached by the customer to build their proprietary cards that were currently being built with a different EMS provider in China.

The challenge was how to economically transition this program from their current provider to a trusted EMS partner.


VEXOS’ team of quality engineers were on-site at the former EMS facility to examine the materials. Once the inspection was completed, all excess materials were shipped to the VEXOS logistics and warehousing facility in Hong Kong. Additional inspection of the parts was performed to determine what should be kept in the VEXOS warehouse for future production demand. As well, all remaining finished product from the previous EMS provider was shipped to the customer in Canada.


By managing the excess material from the previous EMS provider, as well as utilizing VEXOS’ Hong Kong facility as the the customer’s logistical hub, VEXOS was able to provide a unique, cost effective solution, ultimately saving the customer 20% of the excess material from the previous EMS provider by warehousing it for future production use. Additionally, the customer was able to get all of the remaining product back to their site without incurring extra costs in materials inspection and sorting.


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