High Traceability Requirements for PCBA

Program Highlights

Customer developed an alcohol sensor technology for installation in high-end automobiles. This technology stops an impaired driver from starting the vehicle by requiring a successful breath test to enable the engine to start. The alcohol interlock is engineered to withstand vibration, dirt, dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures which are typically found in commercial applications.

Driven by product complexity and automotive industry standards, the PCBA had high levels of traceability requirements. The product also required challenging specifications for conformal coating.


With complexity in the product, the need to track the relationship between each unique product-level requirement and its source is imperative. VEXOS’ team of experienced quality professionals worked closely with the customer to document their traceability requirements and provided state-of-the art solutions by utilizing advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software to cover all possible traceability requirements from component level to full system build. In addition, through VEXOS’ extensive knowledge in the conformal coating processes, the team developed a process for conformal coating with the customer to avoid any major issues on higher volumes.


VEXOS’ expertise and capabilities in traceability, conformal coating, and technical engineering assisted the customer in meeting several critical design requirements with total traceability and cost reductions.


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