Full Box Build and Rapid Delivery

Program Highlights

The customer provides a broad range of products to the global cable television industry and PVNs (Private Video Networks). They approached VEXOS to build their IP to analog product.

This product converts incoming IP streams and retransmits them in analog format. The complex box build included multiple encoders, IP switch devices, RF converters, RF and system motherboards/combiners, and a complex arrangement of CAT-5 and coax cabling, all packaged in a custom chassis.

The Challenge

The product was previously built by the customer in very low volumes in-house, by their engineering team with minimal documentation and build instructions. They experienced a sudden increase in demand of over 500 units that were to be delivered within a very short timeframe. RF testing on the product needed fine tuning for production, as well as the need to incorporate design enhancements into the product to include a new processor board.


VEXOS assigned a dedicated team of program managers and engineers. The BOMs and documentation were reviewed and analyzed for build process and cycle times and recommendations were provided to the customer to reconfigure the product structure to maximize assembly time efficiencies.

A process was developed for automated solder application for RF shields and a paste-in-hole process was developed for a critical connector assembly. Manufacturing documentation was created for an open source assembly. A Design for Manufacturing (DFM) was done and its recommendations were incorporated into the final design. A Design for Test (DFT) analysis was done, resulting in a complete and fulsome test strategy from PCBA, Sub-assembly level through to final assembly configuration and verification.


In meeting the customer's deadline, VEXOS was able to provide a large quantity of complete, tested, full box-build assemblies without compromising quality. The customer praised the high level of quality to which the products were produced and were pleased with the overall resultant cost reductions. VEXOS continues to provide the customer ongoing quality products in the most cost effective ways.


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