EMS and Supply Chain Strategies

Program Highlights

A global leader in assistive technologies for people who are blind or have low vision was searching for an EMS provider, material services and supply chain management partner to help launch their newest personal vision assistant product into the market. Their newly designed model had an HD all-digital magnifier, consisting of both a desktop unit and a portable tablet. Cleanliness was a vital requirement, where assembly of critical components such as the lens assemblies and electromechanical interfaces such as surface capacitive touchscreens were crucial to proper functionality.


VEXOS' sourcing and engineering teams worked closely with the OEM to secure material suppliers in China that supported the product’s design. The VEXOS teams continuously worked with those suppliers to ensure they had sufficient ability and capacity to support the production lifecycle of the product.

Additionally, VEXOS developed over 40 custom tooling parts (plastic, metal, packaging, cable harness, and others) and produced the table assembly and LCD touchscreen and 2MP camera lens module assembly for the handheld model in a class 1000 clean room.


During the beta build and pilot run, VEXOS provided the customer with DFMs which successfully solved certain design problems and optimized the assembly procedures. The personal vision assistant product was launched into the market and today it is considered to be the customer’s flagship product line for the low vision assistive device market.


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