Customized EMS Solutions

Program Highlights

The customer is a leading provider of microwave, radio frequency (RF), power and control solutions for critical defense, communications, medical, scientific and other applications. They chose to partner with VEXOS to build their inverter board; this product’s final implementation is in x-ray medical imaging systems.

With this inverter board, it is imperative to install field-effect transistors (FETs) onto a heatsink while meeting tight positional tolerance. This tight positional tolerance must occur without imparting additional stresses to the component.

The Solution

To install the components per the customer’s required specifications, the VEXOS team developed a quality process that was able to be replicated throughout the lifecycle of the program. VEXOS’ dedicated team of program managers and engineers developed a custom fixture via mechanical assembly to solve this problem. The custom fixture positions and aligns the FETs to the heatsink allowing them to be secured in place with the necessary tight positional tolerance without causing any additional stress to the component.


VEXOS successfully met the customers’ requirements while maintaining high quality standards. VEXOS continues to provide this customer ongoing quality products and solutions throughout various segments of their business.


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