Complex Design and Test Requirements

Program Highlights

The customer designed a distribution transformer smart meter. The device is a patented sensing, metering, and communications integrated in a self-contained device. The distribution transformer monitoring solution delivers ongoing, cross-departmental value for electric utilities. The versatility of the intra-grid sensor captures a host of critical data points — historical and real-time resulting in a positive impact on the operations management, reliability, compliance, and cost control efforts of utility operators.

The customer won a large order from their end customer that led to an increased demand. Their product was still in the development stage and needed changes to increase the design manufacturability for higher volumes with reduced costs. In addition to the manufacturability challenges, the customer was in the process of incorporating design enhancements to make the functional test work for higher quantity builds. The customer was also facing challenges in the final sealing of the product, which were causing a delay in their final shipment.


The experienced engineering team at VEXOS worked very closely with the customer to help overcome the challenges in manufacturing and test. The BOMs and documentation were reviewed and analyzed for build process and cycle times with recommendations to the customer to reconfigure the product structure to maximize assembly time efficiencies. A process was developed for cost effective enclosure sealing methodology. The team at VEXOS helped create the relevant documentation required for the assembly of the main board, daughter board, and full box build of their product. VEXOS created a cross reference report for the product’s box build assembly to assist in data and PCBA traceability as required.


Since the first program launch with VEXOS, the customer has been extremely satisfied with the level of service and expertise. VEXOS continues to provide the customer with ongoing quality products in the most cost effective ways.


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