Vexos LaGrange – Unveiling New Extended Facility

Vexos LaGrange, Ohio, part of Vexos, a Global Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider recently expanded their manufacturing facility to meet the growing demands of its customer base as well as future growth.

LaGrange has implemented facility upgrades that reflect significant technology investments in manufacturing, large volume assembly and inventory management in support of complex box build assemblies that serve various markets. As with Vexos’ other 3 global manufacturing sites in Canada and Asia, these upgrades are a result of several new customer partnerships and will result in enhanced capacity, output, and technical capabilities for the LaGrange site as it continues to grow.

The manufacturing facility consists of 40,000 sq. ft., with 16,000 sq. ft of newly added warehousing space to allow for additional equipment and technological updates. In addition to the facility footprint addition, in 2021, VEXOS LaGrange doubled its PCBA manufacturing capacity with a full compliment of new equipment to support key accounts.

The upgraded facility is now equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment such as the Inovaxe smart rack system which allows for automated SMT storage, a 2nd Agile dual fixture ICT, a 3rd high speed SMT line with an inline Mirtec 3D AOI, a 2nd Seho Powerwave 4.0 wave solder, an automated Nordson conformal coating line, DCT twin PCBA wash, and Vector selective solder system. 

The Vexos LaGrange facility performs a significant role with its customers in offering cutting edge manufacturing and engineering technology solutions across the entire EMS services spectrum from PCBA manufacturing and testing, system level integration, box build assembly, New Product Introduction (NPI) and a full compliment of design for manufacturability, test and supply chain through to 3PL services including Direct Order Fulfillment, Warehousing and reverse logistics. “The ongoing improvements of the Vexos LaGrange facility are transformational. The implementation of this capital equipment has doubled our capacity utilizing state-of-the-art technology, along with a work force that has grown 3x since the start of 2021. All of this is in support of numerous key strategic customer accounts that have long term commitments, with capacity for continued growth in the coming years.” says Brad Koury, General Manager, Vexos LaGrange

With our world class award winning Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Value Engineering services, we at Vexos continue to invest in talent and people, and providing continuing and growing value to our customers. We are focussed on continuoius technology enhancements to address our growing customer needs and product complexity, while remaining aligned with industry trends and the markets we serve. We will continue to make significant investments to enhance further our technology capabilities, operations, efficiencies, and quality.

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